Friday, 9 May 2008

Now THAT'S what I call a smoothie

Frozen summer fruits, spinach, and banana.


Lunch is left over from yesterday's salad but with chopped walnuts added.


Thursday, 8 May 2008

You've got to kiss a couple of frogs

My smoothie sucked this morning. Blech.

Spinach and kiwi. Kiwi don;t work in smoothies. Take my word for it.

Lunch was fab tho: Chucked half a fennel bulb, half a red cabbage in the shreddy thing on food processor. Added chopped radish and cucumber. Tossed in olive oil and cider vinegar and slapped a spoon of houmous on top.


Then for supper we had chinky veggie soup: Onion, pots, carrot, broccoli, half an old cabbage and stock.

A very ripe pear for supper.

All in all a very good day cos I bought size 14 jeans! Not only that ... they fit!



Monday, 28 April 2008

Monday lunch

Breakfast: Fruity smoothie like yesterday - really need to get me some greens.

Lunch: Apple cabbage and walnut salad. This was really nice. Shredded red cabbage, roughly chopped walnuts, chopped apple. The dressing was olive oil and cider vinegar. I've only recently got hold of cider vinegar and it makes the loveliest dressings.


Sunday, 27 April 2008

Food Diary

My poor blog has been very neglected. I've decided to use it as a food diary for a while so I can share my magnificent foodie creations with you - even when they are spectaclularly shite! (We all have our off days ;-) I'll avoid boring detail.

So, beautiful friends this weekend called for large scale huge vat of veggie soup:

6 carrots
5 leeks
2 courgettes
4 peeled pots
head of very old and knackered brocoli
sprinkle of cumin seeds

Sweat the leeks and add carrots and potatoes and cumin seeds. Let them sautee for 10 mins or so to give a head start. Add everything else and cover with boiling water. I added 2 teaspoons of stock powder.

When cooked, I blended 3/4 of it and with my masher, crushed the remaining veg in the pan before adding the blended stuff back. Makes a gorgeous consistency. You can then add some more stock to taste if you think it needs it. Served with Olive bread.

Smoothie on sat was:

Frozen mango + handful of spinach + banana + cup or so water

Chilli for supper:

Onion, 2 sliced bell peppers, 1 minced red chilli large: Fry over high ish heat
Add Chestnut mushies and brocoli and tin toms and 1 tsp cumin powder. Cook down and put in tortillas with yoghurt, Guacamole, lettuce and cheese if u like.

This was delish.

Then today smoothie was frozen summer fruits and banana - bloody lush.

Lunch was shredded red cabbage, radish, lettuce, carrot with lemon and olive oil dressing with a herb omelette on the side ;-)

Tonight was mashed spuds, broc, carrots and fish. I had a bottle of beer left over from the weekend and now my tummy is a the size of a large watermelon and is feeling very sad.

Otherwise good tho!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

S-L-O-W down

I had an unmistakable feeling yesterday.

I was in the kitchen. Feeling ansty. Wondering what to give Chimps for tea cos we couldn't eat the same and what would I have. It would have to be raw again or else I'd "ruin" a good raw day.

And I was cold. And I became bad tempered. And I quickly moved to a place of resenting this raw journey and knowing in my heart that I am not going to last and I am going to start eating crap again eventually.

So I stopped, listened, and made a vegan cooked meal that Chimps and I both enjoyed.

Today I enjoyed my smoothie and then settled to a cooked vegan lunch and another one for tea, shared with Chimps again.

I feel much better.

I just had to slow myself down and remember who I am.

This is not going to be a diet like any other I have been on.

This is my journey.



Monday, 24 March 2008

Tabouleh heaven

I have discovered my new favourite thing, raw tabouleh. I've seen several recipes for this (SG - you listening?!) and this is what I did today. It was R-awesome:

4 or so cauliflower florets - put in food processor and whizzed up.
Handful each of mint, parsley and coriander - chopped
6 cherry tomatoes, diced

Mixed up with a huge slosh of olive oil and juice of half a lemon.

I served it with a little feta - but again found I am wanting less and less non-raw food.

It was absolutely delicious - the herbs made this so un believably R-awesome.


Thursday, 20 March 2008

Crossing my legs

Ok - now bear with me on this!

I have always been able to cross my legs :-)

But today, in a meeting, I found myself with my legs crossed really high and tucked right under me!

I do believe, there is less of me to cross.

(P.S. apologies to those of you who thouht this was some sort of icontinence post)